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Susan Kurtz

Susan Kurtz is a lawyer, a highly skilled mediator, a radio talk show host and a writer. Susan has been providing sound legal solutions from her office in Nelson, British Columbia since 1993, focusing on collaborative practice and wills and estates law. Susan Kurtz believes in the value of preserving the strength of the community by providing a peaceful, fair and respectful way for individuals and groups to resolve legal disputes. Susan is a yoga teacher and a member of the British Columbia and Alberta Bars.

Email: Susan@nocourt.ca                        www.ReslutionPlace.ca          

Danny Zack

Danny Zack has more than 30 years of experience as a BC Lawyer, having practiced in the Lower Mainland since 1974. Danny has coined the phrase, "Why litigate when you can collaborate?" Danny is prepared to travel regularly to Nelson in order to further his collaborative law practice and assist Kootenay residents in resolving matrimonial disputes.  Danny joined the Collaborative Law Group of Nelson so that Kootenay residents have the option of enlisting a lawyer from Vancouver onto their local team for those who wish to engage a collaborative lawyer from out of the Nelson area.

Email:  Danny@nocourt.ca










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