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What is the Collaborative Process?

  The Benefits of the Collaborative Law Process

It gives the couple greater control over the outcome of their divorce

It is considerably less expensive than going to court

It takes much less time than going to court

It benefits the children by keeping them out of the controversy

It helps the couple maintain a sense of integrity and respect and avoids the lingering hostility and anger that are so common among divorced couples
All parties, including children, benefit from the collaborative process in that

The atmosphere is completely different. It is a collaboration or working together toward solutions, as opposed to an adversarial approach where one party often feels "the winner" or the "the loser".

Your feelings and values are honoured and respected.

There is usually less animosity in this process and therefore can be much easier on the children.

The process is relatively fast and efficient and therefore far less costly.

It can be far less stressful and anxiety producing.

You don't go to court.

The process addresses and emphasizes the needs and well-being of the children and the parents.
In traditional war zone of a litigated divorce 

The husband and wife have almost no direct contract with each other throughout the lawsuit process and what little interaction they have is usually bitter and unproductive.

Tension, fear, anger and recrimination prevail.

It is almost impossible for the parties to have anything remotely resembling a healthy relationship after the divorce, even when there are children involved.  This is because the traditional process is about pointing fingers in an attempt to prove who is right.







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