The Collaborative Law Group of Nelson offers to the residents of the West Kootenay a healthy and dignified no court legal solution to divorce and other civil disputes, including distribution of estates and land claims. We are a group of independent professional lawyers, counselors, financial advisors and child specialists, each of us a skilled mediator and trained to team together to provide you and your family assistance when you need it most. 

The members of the Collaborative Law Group of Nelson are each members of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals. We join collaborative practice groups in the Okanagan, Vancouver, Victoria and around the world in offering a non-combative way to resolve legal disputes.

  The Collaborative Process

begins with a Participation Agreement

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when applied to divorce results in huge Benefits including less stress, lower costs and happier kids without going to court

moves the focus from blame to resolution

differs from mediation in that a mediator is a neutral party who cannot offer advice or opinions, where the collaborative process allows both parties to have active legal advisors - you are never on your own - your Collaborative Lawyer is at your side explaining issues and helping you achieve goals by mutual participation and agreement

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Make Peace,
Not War.

“It’s hard to believe
someone would go to court when there is a process
like this.” -Nelson resident
after successful completion
of collaborative case

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